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Enriching lives in every way.
Home health nurse giving an elderly patient juice to make his medicine go down.

At Sirrah Care Professionals, we know that comprehensive home care extends far beyond just providing assistance with basic, day-to-day needs. That is why we offer our companion care services in addition to our general home care services. We address all aspects of our client’s life, striving to enrich lives in every way. While keeping the house clean, medication reminders, and personal care are important, so is having someone to talk to. Our companion care services meet this need.

Our caregivers truly care about the people we serve. They get to know them, build relationships, and keep them company throughout the day. When our companions come for a visit, they provide friendship, social interaction, and support with daily tasks. This can make living at home easier and more comfortable for our clients.

Set an appointment now and experience the quality care that our companions provide. For other concerns, get in touch with us at 610-245-9679 / 610-245-9686.